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Customers want to know about Pricing Plans whenever they hire a business. This is due to the fact that customers are better able to plan within their financial means. A minimal or bare-bones budget is often the starting point for many individuals. Conversely, individuals may have substantial financial resources. Therefore, if you have access to price plans, you may make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed. In conclusion, our firm is quite helpful and provides reasonable prices. Those on a tight budget or a regular income might easily afford these prices.

We understand that precision is essential to the success of any project. To deliver accurate quotes based on up-to-date material and labor prices by zip code, we use RS Means in conjunction with our cost database.

In order to provide our services to as many individuals as possible in a timely manner, we maintain consistently low, market-competitive prices. We are not just reliant upon monetary means. Therefore, our professionals pay close attention to each customer’s unique requirements in order to provide services that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

What are Our Pricing Plans

Truthfully, we can’t give you an accurate quotation unless we see the blueprints, the scope of the job, and the specifics of the goods you want us to price out. If you want an accurate price, you’ll need to send along a PDF of your project’s blueprints. We will analyze the blueprints and then provide you with a solid quotation that details our service fees and expected response time. Our team also has extensive experience with the following applications: Bluebeam, Planswift, Trimble, FastPIPE, Cost Works, RS Means, Fast DUCT, Xactimate, and Quest Estimating. In addition, we utilize RS Means, Craftsmen, and our own databases to determine prices according to postal code.

We will go forward with your estimate if that price is acceptable to you.

Individual Transaction Costs

For this particular tradeoff, we estimate a takeoff of about $200. Small jobs that may be estimated in a few hours (and fall within $100) are priced at a discount. Now is the time to submit your blueprints

Housing related Costs and Prices

Our fees are calculated individually, taking into account the specifics of each job. Just send us a copy of your blueprints, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate right away. This plan may often be obtained for about $500.

Cost Projection Models for Manufacturing

Uploading drawings is required; our experienced engineers and estimators will review the Scope of Work in conjunction with the drawings. We will provide you with a quote for your business bids and tenders after we have reviewed the specifics of your request. We’ll have an estimate ready for you in the next 5 minutes that consider the turnaround time, invoice, and delivery date.

You may also arrange a phone conversation or online meeting with one of our lead estimators to talk about your specific needs and goals.

Various Monthly Plans Are Available From Us.

Want to increase your chances of winning many auctions? It makes sense, therefore, that you’d seek out building services that may help you achieve more financial success. If you’re looking for a monthly deal, ours is the cheapest you’ll find. You may use them to build your fantasyland with no problem at all. If you’re a new customer, you’ll be happy to know that we provide the most cost-effective monthly plans available.

Use our affordable plans if you are a new contractor or subcontractor. These low-cost containers might simplify your building process. And it’s not hard to achieve success in the marketplace. Is it a goal of yours to bid on and win more construction projects by streamlining your estimate procedure?

Do you want to avoid employing more Estimating personnel but still need assistance determining material amounts for projects?

In such a case, maybe one of our monthly plans might be ideal for you.

Each of our customers who is interested in using our takeoff services on a regular basis may choose from a variety of different monthly plans that are tailored to their specific needs.

No of the size of your business or your budget, we have a monthly plan that will work for you. 

Monthly Plan Rewards

Benefits of the Monthly Plan include the following:

  • Streamlining your construction estimate and bidding process with the help of supplemental personnel to save money on needless overhead.
  • Save money on your utility bills by taking advantage of these new, lower Pricing Plans. Comparatively, our Monthly Plans are more affordable than in-house Construction Estimator staffing.
  • Get your work done more quickly thanks to a streamlined prioritization process that frees up your team to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Professional Cost Analyst for Building Projects

Those in the building and construction industries want to get their feet wet, especially those in specialized fields like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil engineering, finishing, drywall, timber, and insulation.

If you have a high cost for an in-house estimator and are having trouble making ends meet, you may want to consider outsourcing.

Prime Estimation provides round-the-clock service and a specialized construction estimator in our office.

Advantages of Monthly payments as little as $1500

  • Dedicated estimator time of 176 hours per month
  • Do not skimp on weekend support.
  • Precise cost estimates with clearly outlined components (refer to the Samples + MARK-UP Plans for examples)
  • Email support is available at all times.
  • Charges based on postal code
  • Careful comparisons of as-built conditions to estimate results.

The Methods We Use.

The only thing you need to do is email us your specifications and any accompanying drawings or bid packages. We’ll go through the plans and specs for the project and put up a bid for you. In our proposal, we will include the total cost and the time needed to complete the material takeoff. We transmit the bill and hand over the job to the cost estimators when the customer approves the proposal.

Our Material Estimation Worksheet

In addition, the native PlanSwift project files and annotated screenshots from the PlanSwift software are provided as extras for you to use in verifying the numbers you entered into the excel sheet. The materials and labor needed to complete a project are itemized and categorized in detail as part of our takeoff service. By plugging in the unit pricing for each line item in the spreadsheet’s BOQ format, one may calculate the cost estimate (or bidding price) for each CSI section and the whole project.

Methods Employed by Our Building Cost Analysts

With us, you’ll be working with a group of skilled construction cost estimators. There is a combined five years of experience among the team members. Expert estimators, engineers, field specialists, and site supervisors all make up our crew. They aid construction workers precisely and effectively. In the end, these are what make up the price tag of any structure (commercial, residential). Among their duties are the following:

  • Material takeoffs and cost estimates need to be prepared.
  • It entails making blueprints for the markups.
  • Client profile management and bid submission inside a bidding network.
  • • Determining whether or not budget reports presented to proprietors and financiers are indeed possible.
  • Creating thorough cost estimates and bid proposals for suppliers.
  • Construction cost estimates for the building and engineering industries.
  • Making initial cost estimates for the builders.

To what extent will our other services be available?

Modeling Services in BIM

Prime Estimation has begun developing BIM modeling in light of the revolutionary effects of BIM on the building sector. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a cutting-edge tool. Numerous nations are adopting and implementing it. Also, it streamlines the building process and boosts speed and reliability. To that end, if you run a business that uses the BIM approach, don’t forget to take advantage of our BIM modeling services.

Leaders of Projects

To both general and subcontractors, we will soon be providing free construction leads. We can give you the lowdown on all the forthcoming bids and projects in your area or state. There will be no information left out since all aspects of the tender process, including due dates, drawings, specifications, and addenda will be covered in full. Through this helpful service, you may find out about impending building projects and bids in your area well in advance.

Assistance From Our Skilled Professionals

Our staff is comprised of highly trained professionals. All of the estimators have earned a high level of trust from their clients’ thanks to their reliable work. So, get some help from our professionals if you need services like that. Our staff is fully licensed and adheres to all global norms in their job. Serving you is their first priority. That’s why they think of the tactics that work best for you. They will first take into account your needs before suggesting a course of action.

In addition, please visit our help desk if you have any questions about our pricing policies or Pricing Plans. They’ll fill you in on every little detail. We are also willing to talk to anybody about a possible negotiation.

Initiate your productive endeavors using Prime Estimation now.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Us!

Send along your plans and data.

Please use the online submission form to send us your drawings and supporting materials. Your blueprints, regardless of whether they are a Bid set, a schematic, a construction document, a schematic design, or conceptual drawings, must be in PDF format. It might be a gateway or Dropbox connection. Send us your specifications, and we’ll get back to you with a quote that details the costs, the amount of time it will take to complete the job, and when you can expect delivery.

Find Out Prices

A price will be sent promptly once your details and objectives have been reviewed. Payment may be made by Wire transfer or by using a debit or credit card issued by your bank. Also, our hard-working Estimators will get straight into your job.

Have an Estimate Made on Your Project Today

The whole cost, including all materials and labor, will be included in the estimate sent to you. We may provide a color-coded takeoff and estimate in EXCEL (using either our own template or the client’s) to demonstrate our methodology.

Don’t wander aimlessly and get perplexed. You may feel irritated and guilty about wasting money. Also, you must get to our site right away if you are afflicted with this issue. Thus, send us your blueprints, and we’ll provide you with professional building services.

When it comes to building projects, Prime Estimation means you have access to expert construction estimators, material takeoff experts, draughts-men, and project managers. So, if you want to do anything, do it now. We hope you can lend us a hand. According to your specifications, we provide convenient online estimate services in all of our operational regions. Now you know how our Pricing Plans are low and flexible, but the quality of work is up to the mark. So call us now and get estimations right away. 



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