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Concrete Estimation Services - Ideal For Your Projects

CONCRETE ESTIMATING SERVICESWe’re proud to be among the industry’s most well-known estimation firms. So hire us for one of the best concrete estimating services. Thus, we now have complete answers for the many concrete contractors, house builders, contracting firms, and developers out there. In addition, we provide the most precise and dependable concrete takeoffs due to our extensive expertise and understanding of the sector. In this way, we help our customers save time and money throughout the building process by delivering reliable cost estimates. While doing so, they increase their chances of success in bids and, ultimately, their profits thanks to the assistance of our services.
Without enough time in the day, it’s not uncommon for contractors to fall behind on estimating jobs and sending out bids to existing and potential customers. Your company’s development will suffer. Also, you’ll incur losses as a result. We’ll back you up so you can submit more bids and get more contracts.
Our takeoff services are just as customer-focused and user-friendly as the rest of our business. This occurs because we use a staff of highly skilled and seasoned cost estimators. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that every one of our customers receives precise and comprehensive Concrete Takeoff Services.

Where do our concrete estimating services go, and what do they cover?

We work in all sorts of construction, whether residential, commercial, or industrial; concrete is the primary and most crucial material. The Concrete Estimator must be very precise when calculating the material takeoff and estimating concrete in order to protect the owner and the contractor from financial loss both during and after construction. From the foundation to the footings to the walls to the formwork, our concrete estimators can calculate any and all concrete amounts.

  • Detailed Quantity Estimates for Construction Projects.
  • Cost Projection and Quote Analysis.
  • Making a Bid.
  • Estimates in Design.
  • Estimates for Work That Must Be Done Due to Requested Alterations.
  • Value Analysis.
  • Create Sales Leads As Part Of A Project.
  • Promotion for the Concrete Industry.
  • In the Courtroom, an Expert Witness.
  • Help with Legal Cases.

Scope of Our Services

With so many projects on your plate, it’s impossible to provide reliable cost estimates at the moment. So, you’re passing up opportunities to get new contracts. When it comes to estimating and doing a quantity takeoff, we’re able to assist both contractors and developers. As a result, our assistance is of paramount importance. They gain because of the high quality of their individual parts as:

  • Detailed Quantity Estimates for Construction Projects.
  • Value Projection for Alteration Quotes.
  • Budgetary projections and cost quotes.
  • Putting together a proposal.
  • Design Cost Projection.
  • Proven Expertise.
  • Help with Legal Matters.
  • Project Lead Generation
  • Publicity for the Concrete Industry.
  • Value Analysis.

Catalog of Services We Offer

The importance of submitting precise Concrete Estimates when bidding on construction projects cannot be overstated. As a result, the construction firm faces financial pressures from both over-estimating and the risk of under-estimating. Concrete Estimating Software is often used to create concrete estimates.

We collaborate with general and subcontractors, as well as owners, developers, asset managers, architects, and engineers. Each estimator specializes in a certain trade, so you can be assured that they have cutting-edge knowledge in their chosen area. Because of my skill, I can modify the needs of any project to meet my specifications.

Our company has supplied cost estimates for new and renovated restaurants, as well as hotels, office towers, warehouses, transit hubs, and hospitals.

  • There are three types of man-made structures: dams, bridges, and homes.
  • Buildings used for business.
  • Subsea buildings and other maritime infrastructure.
  • HighwaysDriveways.
  • It also includes culverts and sewers.
  • The basements of skyscrapers.
  • Fences.

How Can I Start?

Our group will examine your blueprints carefully to determine the project’s parameters. After that, our estimators utilize a variety of construction estimating tools to double-check everything and get rid of any mistakes. This means that the takeoff will happen virtually, on the screen. Our concrete cost estimation toolset consists of Bluebeam, Planswift, and Accubid. Next, detailed item descriptions and quantities are imported to Excel spreadsheets.

Detailed preparations are submitted by you.

Send us an email or a file upload with your blueprints. Whichever works better for you.

Please provide us with the specifics of your project and the extent of your labor.

We will provide you with a quote for our services.

We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate of our fees before beginning any work. Because we treat each client as an individual, we always do a thorough, individualized analysis of their case. Project factors such as scope, complexity, and man-hours of labor will be taken into account.

We Provide You With a Price Quote and Stick to It

We provide estimating and takeoff services. We’ll send you a PDF and an Excel file of your quote when we’re done. If you’re looking for work in the construction industry, we can provide lead-generating services for you.

Reasons Why You Should Contract Out Your Concrete Estimates

The on-site operations of paving, driveway, and sidewalk contractors prevent them from providing accurate estimates on their own time, leading to either overbidding or underbidding.

If you want to win the contracts by bidding the lowest price, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of how much stuff will cost and how many people will need to be employed. You can rest assured knowing that when you use our concrete estimating services to handle your construction takeoff services, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • This method of estimating concrete costs saves money in many ways: (1) you won’t need to employ a dedicated concrete cost estimator; (2) you won’t need to invest in pricey construction cost software or educate expert personnel; and (3) you won’t have to invest in additional hardware.
  • Your bid volume will increase. Gaining an advantage in bids and project wins via competent service.
  • Hiring professional estimators may help business increase profits in a few ways.
  • They’ll help you estimate more accurately and more quickly
  • You’re no longer at risk of passing on a golden chance.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs with the Help of Our Quote

We have been providing concrete contractors and builders with accurate and reliable concrete cost estimates. When building avenues, builders have a hard time making accurate estimates for bid bids. Also, we utilize software to calculate the total labor cost and break down the length and breadth of each concrete block based on the specifications of our customers.

We are certified

We are staffed with experienced concrete estimators. They are certified by the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, the American Society of Professional Engineers, and the American Association of Cost Engineers. In order to provide high-quality services, they take a variety of elements into consideration, including excavation, leveling, transportation of the soil, and compaction of the soil.

As a consequence of this, we are able to assert that the estimating capabilities of our services are comprehensive. These calculations are helpful for concrete contractors, general contractors, foundation contractors, suppliers, asphalt contractors, and pavers in this way. In addition, our services include the installation of concrete pavement, sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, waterproofing, flatwork, basements, concrete foundations, concrete curbs, and concrete slabs, among other things. Get a Quote today!


Can you provide an estimate in the absence of a full set of drawings?
We have worked on projects from conception all the way through to completion. So we can certainly help you with your construction estimate. To give you an example, some of our clients just have a rough outline of their projects. So we can price them out properly.
How can we put a price tag on and estimate work in the concrete industry?
We provide cost estimates for any concrete work. They include footers, curbs, foundations, lintels, tie beams, slabs, sidewalks, pavement, driveways, retaining walls, basements, and more. We provide this service for a wide range of clients, including businesses, homeowners, government agencies, and ordinary citizens.
How can we be confident that our concrete projections are reliable?

While adhering to all applicable norms and standards, our concrete cost estimator will takeoff the necessary amounts utilizing industry-approved tools like Bluebeam, Planswift, OST, and Quick Bids. Our concrete estimator is also a field expert and specialist, so you can be certain that the numbers you get from him are spot-on. His knowledge is grounded on actual fieldwork.

Where can I start becoming one of your customers?

Send us an email with the link to the project designs and a list of what should be included and what should be left off the quantity takeoff sheet. We’ll provide you a quotation with the price and an estimated time of completion for the estimate after analyzing the drawings. As soon as we have it, we can begin to work on the project to provide you with concrete estimating services.

What components make a bid on concrete?

A concrete driveway or parking lot paving bid should contain the following details in addition to the standard information:

  • The total square yards or feet, or the total linear feet, of each individual work zone.
  • The total number of repair sites and the total depth of the patch repairs or curb and gutter segments.
  • Particulars about the sealing process.
  • Information about the thickness of the pavement.
  • Details on available guarantees.
  • The procedure to be followed is to inform locals of the project’s start and end dates as well as relevant contact information.
  • The availability of pavement marking.
Exactly What Do Our Estimation Services Entail?
We provide comprehensive concrete estimation spreadsheets that factor in cubic yards of concrete for a variety of building applications. Additional information, such as reinforcement amount, cement quantity, sand, aggregate quantity, and so on, may be obtained. In addition, an Excel file detailing the full scope of the project’s costs is given, along with a breakdown of the various phases of construction and the amounts of each item used.
How can contractors improve their chances of winning bids and contracts by using our products and services?
We have a team of skilled estimators and quantity surveyors that will handle your estimates and takeoffs for you. We aim to offer estimates that are as accurate as possible. It’s helpful so that our customers may put their whole attention on the groundwork. Also, management may submit bids for other projects. It improves opportunities to obtain new contracts.
No time? Let Us Assist You! No Need to Worry About the takeoff

We’ve Already Poured the Concrete! There’s little question that anybody with ambition and drive will find plenty of success in the concrete finishing profession. So, if you’re driven and don’t mind getting your hands filthy, a career in concrete finishing may be quite rewarding. However, you may pay us to handle all of your estimating requirements if you’re concerned about the time it takes to complete estimation and takeoffs effectively. Give us a ring right away, and we’ll be glad to talk about your next project.

Estimating the number of materials accurately is critical to the completion of any project. Our staff of expert estimators has significant experience analyzing projects of varying scopes and sizes, ranging from modest residential constructions to major commercial projects. This includes evaluating the costs associated with each of these types of projects. So, hire us now and get the concrete estimating services you need.

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