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Construction Cost Estimating Services

Get Professional construction cost estimating services for contractors and builders.

A Useful for Project Completion

Concrete estimation services imageWith a focus on honesty and ease of use, we provide a plain and simple approach to cost assessment. We value transparency in pricing and strive to provide our clients with clear and concise cost breakdowns. To accommodate the growing demands of the building sector, Prime Estimation offers comprehensive Construction Cost Estimating Services and cost management systems. Prime Estimation has proven to be an invaluable tool for clients in need of cost estimate advice throughout the United States. By entering your zip code, our automated system will be able to calculate an approximate price for our services.

From new-build cost estimates to price audits and budget cost forecasts, as well as a bill of quantities and a takeoff service, we provide a full suite of cost estimating services throughout the whole United Kingdom. We collaborate with builders, architects, self-builders, and homeowners. We do it to give accurate construction cost estimates. They ensure a project runs smoothly and is under budget. We only employ the most qualified professionals in the construction sector, and it shows in the work we do. You may be certain that your subsequent efforts will be successful thanks to our services.

Our Technique to Offer Construction Cost Estimating Services

We can offer Freelance Estimating Services for even the most complex projects because of our deep familiarity with the construction industry and our complete understanding of the market dynamics. Estimates provided to customers by our professionals are always accurate and timely. For the sake of clarity and accuracy, the included plans have been thoroughly annotated. They are also involved in offering project cost management services from start to finish.


  • It is important to notify procurement of any products that will have a lengthy waiting period.
  • Fill out the inventory plan.
  • The right suppliers, consultants, subcontractors, etc., must be chosen for the strategy.
  • Prepare and evaluate bid documents
  • A customer must be informed of your purpose for submitting work before you actually do so.
  • Classifications of works and Bill of Quantities for the first setup.
  • The best way to ensure a fast answer to any tender queries is to be ready for them in advance.
  • Whenever feasible, you should go to the site in person to familiarize yourself with its layout and the means by which you may enter it.
  • To evaluate prerequisites, point out any potential flaws in our bid or parts of the specification with which we do not agree.
  • Think about the project as its whole by reading all the materials supplied.

During the Process of Estimation

  • Takeoff materials and labor to determine the scope and scale of the project.
  • Use the final numbers to update the bill of materials, which is then ready for estimating.
  • Make sure your submission is on time by using the bill of quantities to inform your purchasing list.
  • Incorporate the best of the replies to the procurement process into the estimate by reviewing them all.
  • Construct goods’ costs backwards using the prices you’ve obtained as building blocks.
  • Rate against historical cost data or current market rates.
  • Compile the sum total of all project startup costs and operating expenses.
  • If the project has any potential dangers, you should evaluate them and include a buffer to the budget just in case.
  • Compile final estimates of all project expenses, both upfront and ongoing, and submit them to the customer.
  • Mark up the job at the client’s discretion.
  • It’s your job to provide the customer with your finished product so they may examine it.

After Estimation

  • If you want to be sure you estimated correctly, compare actual expenses to your budget and compare invoices to the prices agreed upon in the contract. If you want to make sure that your future estimates reflect what you’ve learned, it’s important to keep evaluating the process.
  • Identify over and under-estimated regions by reviewing profit-and-loss statements.
  • Conduct a post-contract evaluation to establish what was gained from experience.

Where does our group's attention mostly lie?

Basic Building Expenses

Estimating construction costs requires looking at the whole picture, which includes things like materials, fixtures, and labor. For the most precise estimate of building costs, this is invaluable. In addition, we meticulously monitor all variables to ensure that nothing goes awry.

Drawings for Buildings

If you’re looking for building Construction Cost Estimating Services in the United States, our staff won’t provide them until you provide detailed construction designs. Understanding the context of the strategy and diving into the specifics is crucial. You may obtain a better notion of how much a building project will cost with its guidance. We take great care in measuring everything to ensure that nothing goes awry or out of hand.

The Price of Materials and Equipment

We do take into account the fittings to be utilized in a building design with the material. As it turns out, it’s also one of the elements influencing prices. Your price and costs will usually be determined by the fixtures you want to employ. To better prepare the estimate, our staff likes to hear about the specifics of these fixtures and preferences.

A Possibly Resulting Price Hike

It is an element of our construction cost estimate to account for potential sources of cost overruns. We don’t discount the importance of these considerations in any way. We know that if we disregard these considerations, the project economy will explode in violence.

Worker Compensation and Benefits

It is difficult to separate the cost of labor and pay from the overall building budget. Our group considers these variables and conducts contextualized, time-of-the-day-specific research on labor and earnings.

Budget Overage

The possible excess budget for the building plans is also included in the estimating plan. The need for its presence cannot be overstated. In times of emergency, the budget may be used as a safety net. After taking everything into account, we arrive at a credible estimate. We also take into account numerous more parameters in addition to those listed above. All projects have their unique requirements, which we take into account if they meet certain criteria.

Which Groups Can Most Benefit from Our Services?

Constructors & Designers

We have excellent relationships with a number of construction companies and development firms. For this reason, we cater to projects of varying scopes and durations. Also, we are Construction Cost Estimating Services for both one-offs and ongoing developments.


To be an architect is to be one who fulfils the hopes and aspirations of others through boundless creativity and imagination. Unfortunately, the client’s budget isn’t. Since this is the case, please allow us to assist you in striking a balance between the needs of your customers’ wallets and your ideas.


We can assist you in striking a balance between cost and aesthetic appeal. We do it while staying within your set financial parameters. It is ideal whether you are just getting started or already have architects’ blueprints in place.

Entrepreneurial types who construct their own

Is it time to start constructing your ideal house? Motivated do-it-yourselfers might benefit from using a construction cost estimate to keep their project on schedule and under budget.

What Can You Anticipate From Our Assistance?

Our customers are very important to us. Our expert will take charge of everything from here on out. We also promise to only employ authentic, up-to-date Software and equipment. Our company is competitive in the estimating services market and ranks among the best in the business. You stand to gain from working with us in a number of important ways. We are experts in material takeoff, budgeting, and advising on projects. If you are a contractor or a qualified Freelance Estimator, you may acquire reliable quotes from us.

The list of things we can do in terms of estimating and quality control is enormous.

  • First, a Quantity Taken Statement (Takeoffs).
  • Second, precise projections of individual prices.
  • Budget projections of the House of Representatives.
  • Estimated Square Feet.
  • Five, Preparing Government Proposals.
  • Value Engineering, Number Six.
  • BOQ for building construction. (RC and steel).
  • Construction of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and interior finishing. We use Software such as Rivet and On-Screen takeoff.


If I hire your company, what rewards would I reap?
Because of the varied nature of our work, we are able to attract and retain skilled professionals with expertise in various facets of the building industry. The pooled knowledge of all of them allows us to provide reliable and efficient cost estimates for most projects.
What is the Timeframe for Estimates?
Due to our continuing work and the time it takes to get accurate quotes, we strive to have estimates ready for you in three to five working days.
How and when will I get the final cost estimate?

How fast we are able to provide a final estimate to you is contingent upon the scope of the project and the complexity of the estimation process. Also, we may modify our cost estimates to fit any of your preferred formats.

What makes Us the better option?

We can offer you personalized Construction Cost Estimating Services. And we do this by cooperating with you to identify and address your most pressing concerns. This info allows us to compile a personalized report that will serve as a basis for evaluating bids on returns. Also, we can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the whole building process, which will result in more streamlined projects.

Before we commit to anything, could you provide me with a rough estimate of the price?

What we need to do is believe that we can and will. To be clear, these projections are just that, and they are mere estimates that may change when actual costs are determined. This is because it may be difficult to predict how much time will be needed to complete an estimate before actually doing the calculation. Also, most projects are only ideas. But the more specifics you can provide, the better we can provide you with a cost estimate.

When compared to Competitors, How Do We Stand Out?

Through our close partnerships with regional manufacturers and artisans, Prime Estimation is able to provide an unparalleled service in the field of project estimation. The estimate you get will be more accurate. It is because it will be based on actual costs in your area as opposed to generic national averages.

Where should I submit the project paperwork, and may I send digital files instead?

Of course, you can! Everything from measurements to estimates is done digitally now. Given that we only deal with digital files, we can easily send anything over after we’re done with it. We maintain a high degree of precision by minimizing the amount of human involvement in the estimation process.

What Tools are Necessary for an Electrical Takeoff?

Please send us an email with your project’s blueprints and specifications for a takeoff or electrical estimate. So, we’ll provide a no-obligation price quotation and estimated timeline for your review. Following your acceptance of the proposal, we will provide you with an electronic invoice.

What kind of subscription service do you provide on a monthly/yearly basis? I have many projects.

We do have monthly and annual plans available. Estimated project volume and work scope will determine final costs. Also, if you are interested in our recurring monthly service, please get in touch with us.

So why should you choose our Cost Construction Estimating Services?

Prime Estimation is the best option if you need a reliable and accurate estimate solution. So, don’t waste any time and go here to see what our team of Freelance Estimators in the construction industry can do to beat the competition.

Takeoffs for Project Costs

As their name suggests, cost estimators are primarily responsible for generating takeoffs. Simply said, it is an alphabetical list of materials, together with how much of each one is needed and how much it costs. In order to accurately estimate costs, our expert team meticulously studies the plans and site layout of the building. So, they will conduct a takeoff of raw materials. You’ll be able to find out all you need to know from it. Expenditures for things like concrete, cement, bricks, roofing material, sanitary & plumbing supplies, electrical equipment, labor, and wood for the frame are all included.

The work of the Freelance Cost Estimator, however, is not done. First, they determine what is needed. After that, they compare prices and quality in order to get the best possible deal. For this reason, they do extensive research and include the time and energy needed to transport the supplies to the building site as part of the total cost of the project. Our cost estimators at Prime Estimation take their time to ensure everything is handled correctly. Also, they always reward the customer for their patience with an impressive final cost estimate.

Our Services Are Important To Your Rejuvenation Project Budgeting and Planning
Our construction cost calculator not only provides the whole building plan for a new project but also helps to increase the value of the existing land and assets. For this reason, our skilled cost estimators make thorough notes on the topic while establishing the specifications for such projects. Also, they outline the characteristics of progress via precise cost and construction estimation services. While that’s going on, put your rejuvenation project in the driver’s seat with the help of one of these precise Freelance Construction Estimating Services. The decision to bid on such projects as a safe investment is made by the stakeholders or project management.
Our Construction Estimating Service is the Most Accurate Available.

Our cost estimators at Prime Estimation use analytical rigor and methodical procedure, monitoring several facets of the building process concurrently. We put prospective customers at rest via careful monitoring and close attention. When it comes to the tedious process of calculating the costs of building projects, we always go above and beyond our client’s expectations. Because we want you to save money while getting the finest possible service, we provide cost estimates that stay within your set budget.

With our assistance, project stakeholders are better able to make critical decisions on cost projections.

The ultimate cost of a construction project can never be known in advance due to the unpredictable nature of the industry. Our services, however, provide a permanent impression of what you will have and how much your ideal project will cost. Also, a shareholder who has invested heavily in the project’s potential and future profitability receives a go-to-on option.


Together with internal cost data, the years of field expertise of our qualified Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS) and Construction Estimators (CEC) ensure that you get timely and accurate cost info. So, calling us now for Construction Cost Estimating Services will be beneficial for you.

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