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About Us

Prime Estimation is a US-based provider of construction cost estimating services and best estimation company in texas. By using our services, builders may get accurate measurements of their projects. The construction estimating services provide simple answers for contractors’ estimation needs. In addition, we provide estimation services for a wide range of building projects to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction. To back up our unwavering commitment to accuracy, our team has the most forward-thinking and experienced professionals.

All the things you can see and the things you can’t see that contribute to the success of our cities are the results of our design and construction efforts. We have devoted ourselves wholeheartedly to the prosperity of our customers and neighborhoods for the simple reason that we recognize that sound, the necessary infrastructure is the bedrock of a prosperous society.


What We Do

Prime Estimation serves the civil and site work sector by way of its estimating, value engineering, quantity takeoff, and consulting services globally. We take pride in the innovative way we meet the specific requirements of each of our customers. Design Engineers, Property Owners, Site Contractors, General Contractors, and General Construction Estimators make up the bulk of our clientele. The process begins with the creation of a written scope of work and concludes with a bid. We may begin and end at any time that is convenient for you. Also, we are experts in the field of civil construction. We only deal with that kind of work. You wouldn’t go to a general practitioner if you needed heart surgery.

We Offer a Variety of Services

The quality of our services is our top concern. In order to assist busy contractors in completing their projects, we provide cost-estimating services. We provide material takeoff services for building projects as part of comprehensive construction management. Our construction estimation services cover every stage, from initial planning to final clean-up. To ensure that our customers fully grasp the reasoning behind our estimates, we give them complete quantities of takeoff. In addition, we provide complementary estimation approaches for optimal outcomes.

Our Clients

Our extensive expertise in offering cost estimate services at all stages of design is largely attributable to the fact that the vast majority of our clients work in the fields of architecture, engineering, and development. From the early conceptual programming stages (where minimum information is presented on drawings) to the design development, schematic design, and fully detailed construction document levels, our Cost Consultants are professionals at providing comprehensive construction cost estimates.

We evaluate the requirements of our Clients on a per-project basis. Because of this, the degree of detail in each report we provide differs. All of the construction cost estimate reports we provide to our clients are created in-house and are customized to their individual requirements in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the likely expenses of development. We collaborate with other members of the design team and the project’s stakeholders to relay information effectively about the project’s primary cost drivers. We also point up mistakes and omissions and provide value engineering recommendations.

Our comprehensive approach shows our deep familiarity with the significance of careful budgeting. A realistic budget and the project’s overall financial sustainability may both be determined from the cost estimate. Because of this, Prime Estimation is committed to providing sound, trustworthy, and defendable construction cost advice.


Realizing the project’s vision and accomplishing the set goals and objectives is a top priority for any organization.

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Assisting Your Company in Achieving Success

Prime Estimation has been working in this industry for quite some time. Takeoff service is one of our specialties, and we have a highly qualified team ready to assist you. You may be certain that the price your builder gives you is an accurate reflection of the work that will be done. In the past, our cost estimating services have helped us achieve a 98% estimate success rate and a 99% project success rate. If there is a mistake in the estimates we provide, we will gladly give you your money back. It wouldn’t happen, however, since our professional estimators and civil engineers would not let it. In light of this, it is essential to map out the steps that must be taken to make this dream a reality. Every business that is thinking about starting a construction project has to look at the numbers. Construction is not tough if you have the right tools and use commercial construction estimate services to plan out your work. Accurate construction Estimate and Material Takeoff is essential for turning your building plans into reality.

Find out why we're so great that you need to employ us.


Our Team

Employing a Qualified, Licensed General Contractor

If you’re looking for a licensed general contractor, go no further than Prime Estimation. As a Contractor company, we know the difficulties and constraints of a construction site and how they affect cost.

We have experts in the sector on our team who have worked as builders before. Our bids benefit from the years of experience of several of our staff members who have served as Project Managers or Superintendents. It’s not all conjecture.

Act More Serious

A well-organized and accurate Xactimate or Symbility estimate will give you greater credibility. True, particularly if you have annotations that make a strong case for the need for certain line items. Additionally, the program computes takeoffs mechanically from floor, ceiling, and roof drawings, almost eliminating human error. Estimates may also include thumbnail diagrams. They provide a visual indicator of the reviewer’s progress.

We are happy to include your logo, letterhead, terms & conditions, subcontractor bids, project notes, and any other information you’d like in the estimate. The adjuster will know that you are the one who prepared the estimate because of the Xactimate or Symbility’s standard, recognizable format. Additionally, they share a common language, either Xactimate or Symbility. Estimates made in Xactimate or Symbility have a better chance of being accepted than those prepared in other platforms.

Raising the Percentage of Accepted Estimates

Cost estimates made using Xactimate or Symbility are quite detailed. It’s because of this that insurance companies like them. Explicitly detailed for each individual space are the activities being performed and the associated expenditures. As a result, fewer uncertainties regarding the work’s scope and cost remain. It is important to detail everything that will be included in the estimate; nevertheless, itemization alone will not guarantee approval.

To do so inside the estimate itself has shown to be the most effective method. Those parts of our estimates that we think the adjuster is most likely to dispute or question get extensive justification notes. As a result of these remarks, the adjuster may have their queries addressed during the review phase before they ever bother to get in touch with you. In fact, well-written comments will frequently deter an adjuster from making contact with you at all, giving you more time to focus on water mitigation, sewage clean-up, roofing, rebuilding, or whatever kind of repair work you specialize in.

Precise Cost Estimations

We perform cost estimations Throughout the Initial Concept, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, and Construction Documents Stages

Estimates and rough budgets are often necessary at the beginning of a project’s planning phase. We collaborate with the architects and developers to establish these preliminary costs.

This is crucial for determining how much a project will cost and how to structure the design. As a result of our extensive experience across a wide range of projects, we are able to provide rough estimates. It is true even if all the details haven’t been ironed out quite yet.

When estimating the price of a project, we always take into account every possible variable and any additional expenses that may arise. We use current labor and material costs based on your city, state, and zip code, as well as site restrictions and typical circumstances. Also, we offer factors in a number of other market factors. We do this so that we can foresee how much the project will cost.

Extensive and Precise Information

By using cutting-edge tools and having our work reviewed by Senior Estimators, we can guarantee that our estimates are precise. In addition, the material costs in our in-house database of more than 10,000 goods are calculated depending on the user’s postal code. Professional Prime Estimation may be compared to instantaneous vendor price.

Generate More Income

In the aftermath of catastrophes, when both material prices and labor rates tend to be higher than usual, it is particularly important to base your project estimates on the most up-to-date authorized pricing. You can make sure that your estimates are as accurate as possible by using the most recent price data. It is released monthly by Xactimate and Symbility. This comes in handy when an adjuster has already visited the damaged property, prepared his estimate, and sought to settle the claim days, weeks, or months before you become involved.

If the property is in a catastrophe region where demand exceeds supply, or if repairs can’t begin for many months or years, the prices included in the adjuster’s estimate may become out of the current. Such a situation often necessitates revising or supplementing an adjuster’s estimate with up-to-date costs. We’ll additionally include any necessities that the adjuster forgot to include in his calculation.

Every assignment we undertake will be completed promptly.

The business and residential sectors alike may make use of our estimate services. Takeoff estimates and budget management are only two of the many services we provide.


I became worry less when I hired these people. These people have given me the results that I wanted. Exact estimation and cost prediction enabled me to say that Prime is matchless in its work.

USA. Jhon Raine

I love the accuracy that Prime has provided me. I would love to recommend the company for estimation, to the new customers.

Jack Hull

My experience was amazing. Prime has equipped staff, proficient estimation, and pertinent response. All these factors have assured me the quality of the work.

USA. Wilson

I became worry less when I hired these people. These people have given me the results that I wanted. Exact estimation and cost prediction enabled me to say that Prime is matchless in its work.

Bobby Barron

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