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Our company provides cost estimation services for a wide range of building projects, both commercial and residential. All facets of construction and CSI are within the scope of our offerings. You can check our samples too.

Every single trade in the building is one that we specialize in. You may contact us for assistance with project cost estimating at any time.

Our group of professional estimators is well-versed in the use of PlanSwift for conducting takeoffs in a timely and accurate manner. In the next phase, prices are determined. We can easily determine the costs of materials and labor for any given zip code or city, thanks to the hundreds of tools at our disposal. When we’re done, we put the estimate in an Excel spreadsheet and send it along with images from our estimating program to serve as references.

MEP Estimating

Mechanical Estimating Sample

Electrical Estimating Sample

Plumbing Estimating Sample

HVAC Estimating

DUCT Takeoff

Piping Estimating

Lumber Takeoff

Fireproofing Estimating Sample

Metals Estimating Sample

Rebar Estimating

Concrete Estimaitng Sample

Masonry Estimaitng Sample

Painting Estimaitng Sample

Preliminary Estimaitng Sample

Quantity Takeoffs Sample

Sitework Estimating Sample

Thermal and Moisture Protection Estimating Sample

Drywall and Insulation Estimating Sample

Framing and Milwork Estimating Sample

Flooring Estimating Sample

Openings Estimating Sample

Roofing Estimating Sample

Estimation Samples

Check out these samples of our work from a variety of assignments. At Prime Estimation, our staff has always met or exceeded expectations, whether the scope of work required was plumbing, electricity, site work, Earthwork & Utility, or HVAC-Mechanical. Our work is distinguished by its swiftness, credibility, tenacity, and commitment. We see this as a challenge and will work tirelessly until we have completed the job and fulfilled the client’s needs.

Our competitive edge is shown by our ability to provide reliable estimations and reasonable pricing. Because of this, we’ve established long-term relationships with a wide variety of international construction firms, architectural firms, and material suppliers. For the first week after the product has been delivered, we provide free after-sale support for modifications to the takeoffs. They include additions and format changes. Prime Estimation is the best option if you want to save costs and save time in the pre-construction phase for these reasons. If you’re a contractor looking to achieve your goals, we can help you win MORE BIDDING.

Specifics of the Service That Make It Worth Using

  • A cost estimation strategy will be created and approved by the customer before any costs are estimated.
  • Prior to beginning cost estimation work, all parties involved must agree on and officially accept the plan’s contents.
  • The client’s cost estimating guideline will be used to create all cost estimates. Each category will have its own unique way of estimating costs.
  • A review and approval procedure will be established by Cost Engineering for all cost estimates. This will lead to a sanctioned method of calculation.
  • All requests for cost estimates must be routed via the client’s primary contact and won’t be given until they’ve been authorized.
  • Uncertainty analysis of CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) shall be carried out at the proper times. An application designed for risk assessment will be used to calculate the probability of each outcome and hence the degree of certainty with which to approach the estimated cost. The identified project hazards will serve as the basis for this risk assessment.
  • Expense projections will be presented in a formal report format. The cost estimate plan will specify what information will be included in the report. The report will include the project’s overall strategy, describe any potential hiccups, outline any planned responses, and lay out the project’s budget in a standard style.
  • The final price may be adjusted based on the client’s response and further input. There has to be a system of checks and balances and documentation for any changes made.
  • All created cost estimates will be filed away safely, both digitally and in paper form. This will make it simple to locate and recover them.

Get Your Estimates Now!

Get in touch with us if you’re interested in seeing more of our portfolio. We have worked with contractors and subcontractors all throughout the United States to produce cost estimates and material takeoffs. No matter how tight the deadline is, you can count on us to produce an accurate estimate on time every time. Due to this, we have a large number of repeat customers. They put their trust in us when it comes to financial projections. To guarantee the accuracy of our estimates, we staff our company with professional estimators that specialize in each individual building trade. They’re well-versed in the fields of construction, cost estimation, and quantity surveying through first-hand experience. Contact us if you need assistance with material takeoffs. You can count on us to provide you with a quotation.

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