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Material Takeoff Services

Accurately estimate construction costs with our professional material takeoff services.

material takeoff services

Material takeoff services we offer you are useful to plan for the budget of a project. So, hire us and start working effectively within no time. These records include the expected prices and quantities of supplies required to finish a project. You can submit more competitive bids. Also, you can get to work faster with accurate quantity takeoffs. You may save time and money by planning ahead and ensuring you have everything you need for a project.

A material quantity takeoff is crucial to the success of any construction or civil engineering project. Quantity estimates, particularly for large-scale projects, may be particularly time-consuming. Also, they are challenging to produce accurately. We can save you time and effort. We are able to do so by doing quantity takeoffs for building supplies. Also, we have a staff of hardworking and knowledgeable engineering data professionals. So we can deliver precise quantity takeoff info in a timely way.

Our team has provided a wide range of projects with integrated quantity takeoff services and consulting solutions. It covers both brand-new builds and renovations for a wide variety of sectors. They include the public sector, business, residential, industrial, civic, institutional, educational, and retail.

Who Should Get Our Material Takeoff Services?


Before starting work on a new building configuration or project delivery method, general contractors often contact us to double-check the bids provided by their subcontractors. With the help of our services, our team of construction estimators can provide you with accurate preconstruction final quantity takeoffs and estimates. So, use them for your building projects.


Takeoffs and estimating are constant drains on a contractor’s time and energy. As a result, many subcontractors come to us for accurate and complete quantity takeoffs. We help them finish their bids in as little as 24 to 48 hours. We do it at a cost that is 60% lower than what an estimator would charge. Contractors may use our material takeoffs and quantity takeoffs to better plan their bids, buys, and inventory.

Landlords & Construction Companies

It is important for home builders and owners to determine whether it is worthwhile to begin a project. We provide skilled and dependable quantity takeoff services. Also, our estimators takeoff the project and provide a projected price of material and labor. They do it before applying for financing, getting supplier quotations, and checking bids.


Our services are necessary for developers and investors. So, use them to determine early on whether a building project is worth their time and money. With our extensive experience in the field, we are able to deliver the most accurate rough estimates for the cost of completed projects and superstructures. We do it via our material takeoff services.

Architects & Designers

In designing the blueprints, architects must be careful not to go above their customers’ spending limits. So, we help customers throughout the design and planning process. We do it by providing precise takeoffs and design estimates as part of our services.


To boost sales and cultivate lasting partnerships, we provide accurate material takeoffs. They enable suppliers and retailers to prescribe enough material amounts. It is beneficial to satisfy the demands of their customers. Services like precise material takeoffs and quantity takeoffs assist in reducing the need for change orders and waste. Both of them are good for the environment.

Who Should Get Our Material Takeoff Services?

contractor working on material takeoff imageWe are experts in both labor and material quantity surveys and takeoffs. Also, we can do takeoffs from either paper or electronic designs. In reality, the bulk of our estimating work consists of material and quantity takeoffs. Concrete, masonry, structural steel, timber, drywall, trim, doors, windows, and flooring are just some of the materials for which we can provide precise takeoffs. We inventory everything that will be used to create a building, no matter how large it is. The products will also be listed according to their position by our estimate. This is useful for your superintendents and subcontractors since it clarifies where everything should be stored. The result is a decrease in your standard deviations.

Estimating the Price of Building Construction

We may insert the amounts into the provided template. Or we can utilize the CSI format. It uses cost codes to structure the building estimate. The materials list will be sent to you in Excel format. It is useful so that you can easily forward it to suppliers for quotations. Once you get their bid, you may enter the data into your own estimating software.

Field Checkup and Audit

After delivering a quantity survey, we will perform a material audit at your location for a small cost. The project planner will check to make sure the right materials and amounts were sent. We will document any discrepancies once your subcontractor has completed their work. The updated materials list will be sent to you as soon as possible. Takeoff from here on out will be used as the primary takeoff for all subsequent materials. That way, the next time you construct that identical model house, you’ll know exactly how much the materials will cost.

When Should You Hire Us, Exactly?

You, as a developer, should have a say in the estimating and pricing stages. To help you in budgeting and negotiations, our staff can create takeoffs and estimates for your project.

We Offer Takeoffs In Both The Commercial And Residential Sectors

Before committing a large number of resources to a project, our team may provide Preliminary Takeoffs. It is ideal for helping with decision-making in terms of design and finances. Often, we’ll only have to make do with rough drawings or basic Construction Drawings in our job. Preliminary planning is the most important step in building a house. It is because it will determine how well the rest of the project goes.

Get Project Final Estimates And Takeoffs Before Construction from Us

To avoid being overcharged and to prevent techniques like front loading and unwarranted modification orders, it is crucial to double-check the bids filed by your contractors and subcontractors before work begins. We can help you complete and consolidate your financial projections for a residential construction project.


Do you want to discover whether it’s wise to begin a home investment? In order to make informed investment and buying choices, we will assess the project. Also, we provide projected costs before filing for financing, collecting vendor bids, and verifying budgets. Get the materials you need to complete your construction project on time and within budget with our material takeoff services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our experts handle the material calculations for you.


Exactly what is a material quantity takeoff?
A quantity takeoff is an estimate of the number of needed supplies. You study the project blueprints and tally the actual materials the architect, engineer, or draftsperson needs for construction.
Is it important to take a material takeoff?

The purpose of a material takeoff is to give a detailed inventory of all the materials required for a job. It also includes an estimate of how much of each will be needed. Accurately estimating the number of materials required for a construction project is essential. It is due to the fact that material takeoffs serve as a guide for placing orders. Hiring our Material takeoff services is useful for this purpose.

In cost estimation, what is a takeoff?

A takeoff is a process of calculating how much of each item will be required to complete a task. Well, that settles it. Takeoffs do not include the price of materials or any other expenses that may be included in an estimate. In contrast, estimating builds on the takeoff.

What’s with the name “material takeoff,” anyway?

This can help you plan for the right amount of money and supplies. Also, it gives you an idea of how much time and effort will go into installing or building the items. Material takeoff (MTO), construction takeoff (CTO), and just plain “takeoff” are all terms that you can use to describe this process.

What steps must be taken before a takeoff?

The phrase “takeoff” is used to describe the process of isolating the quantifiable parts of a building project. Bills of quantities can’t be made without this step. That’s why it follows the completion of the design and the creation of a specification.

Can you explain the function of the “takeoff sheet”?

A construction takeoff sheet lists every material and tool that will be needed throughout the building process. Material kinds, quantities, man-hours, days, and order of operations to be followed; the construction takeoff sheet includes a complete inventory of all materials and equipment.

Where do you find the material costs?

Simply add up the square feet that were measured for the job, and you’ll have your answer. Next, divide the entire square footage by the material’s coverage per square foot.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Here is some info about our company and the construction estimate services we provide to the industry.

  1. We have extensive experience in cost engineering, material takeoffs, and estimating construction costs.
  2. Computerized cost estimation and blueprint takeoffs are two areas in which we excel.
  3. In addition to our software estimates services, we also provide consulting services. Use them for the purchase, installation, and ongoing usage of computerized software.
  4. For a long time, we’ve helped construction companies and individual builders estimate their projects.
  5. We are accredited by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE).
  6. The construction estimates and quantity surveys are created in Microsoft Excel and other popular estimating software.
  7. You’ll be able to submit bids on more projects thanks to our quick turnaround time of 24 to 36 hours.
  8. Why you won’t have to spend money on pricey cost estimation tools, thus you’ll save money.

For years, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes by doing material takeoffs and creating customized floor plans. Takeoffs and plans for single-family homes, multifamily developments, and small businesses are all available from our firm. So, hire us now and get material takeoff services for the better completion of your valuable projects.

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