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Estimates help project managers and contractors determine how much money they will need to complete a certain project. Companies rely on them to decide whether or not to submit bids for a certain project. We provide professional, economic, accurate, and trustworthy estimating services. We like to guarantee that our valued customers get the best possible service. So, we are adhering to the rigorous guidelines of the American Estimators Organization (AEO) and the American Association of Cost Engineers (AACE).

From private homes to public buildings to military bases, we’ve had plenty of expertise in wiring them all, and it shows in our work. Regardless matter how big or complex your electrical project is, we can help.

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Prime Estimation is the premier estimating firm in the United States. It is our mission to provide our customers with exceptional service at affordable costs. Our Construction Estimating Services, which also include filling up bid forms and CORs, has helped a wide range of businesses.

How Does It Operate?

Are you interested in learning more about bid estimation? When you choose us as your electrical estimate, we will follow the steps outlined in this quick and simple guide.

Have You Sent Us Your Plans Yet?

Just fire out an email.

Please submit the Bid Invitation along with the relevant documentation to us through email. Remember to include any relevant print sets. They may include such as Architectural, HVAC, Plumbing, and more. Also, specify whether there are requirements.
Most of Our Convenient Online 
Upload the full job folder, including the Plans and Specs, to us on Google Drive. Mainly used for projects that are too big to email and for which there is no online plan room.

Getting Approval and a Quote


We’ll send you an email or give you a call after we’ve received and reviewed the drawings, specs, and addenda to let you know how much the takeoff will cost and how long it will take to complete.
After you approve the estimated price and turnaround time, we’ll give you an invoice for the whole amount; after that’s paid, we’ll send you the materials you need to get prices from vendors.

Check your work and put the finishing touches on it.


We’ll get in touch with you to wrap things up after we’ve gotten off the ground. Prior to this stage, we may have inquiries about the working conditions at the site, the required travel time, the prevailing wage, and more. To ensure sufficient time for review before the bid date, we’d like to have the takeoff finished no later than two days beforehand. A lot rides on the scope of the project and the speed with which we acquire go-ahead approval.
Once you’ve evaluated the work, we may make any necessary revisions to get it ready for bidding. Also, we can now include the supplier bids you have received and arrive at final pricing.
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What Services do We Offer?

The CSI fields listed below are all ones in which our construction estimators excel at takeoffs.
Engineering Cost Estimating for HVAC ,Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

Our MEP estimating CPM scheduling, and Construction Takeoff Services provide peace of mind to contractors working on MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, and PLUMBING projects. Our system includes a specialized group of MEP estimators with years of expertise. Estimates for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing components include everything from Sheet Metal and Process Piping to Ductwork, Pipe Insulation, and HVAC. For industry-specific budget forecasts, we use the software. They include Bluebeam, Plan Swift, FastWRAP, FastDuct, FastPIPIE, and Trimble. Accurately deducing the numbers from the drawings, taking into consideration all applicable standards and norms, is a specialty of our certified services.

Cost Projection in Business

We recognize the complexity of commercial takeoffs and estimations. Also, our estimators have extensive experience and expertise in commercial projects. In addition, our costs are quite reasonable. So, we make sure that the estimates we provide for commercial building projects are precise and suitable. This means that we have previously provided precise estimates and material takeoffs. Projects ranging in size from tens of millions to hundreds of millions have all been estimated successfully using these methods. These developments include a wide range of industries, from hospitality to retail to education to entertainment to transportation. We have also assisted commercial developers, lenders, designers, architects, and general and subcontractors. In a nutshell, we provide commercial estimates, bid estimates, design estimates, material and labor takeoffs, and more.

Price Approximation for Houses

For many years, we have consistently provided reliable home price quotes. We have mastered the art of home construction thanks to our many years of experience. This implies that we are aware of the need for cleanliness in every kind of structure, from single-family homes to large apartment complexes. So, we provide our expertise in residential estimation. Similarly, home builders, homeowners, architects, and financial institutions are among our clientele. As an added bonus, we provide free estimates for both brand-new construction and existing structures that need repair, modernization, or expansion.

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Expertise in Industrial Cost Estimating Services

Expertly prepared industrial estimating services are a specialty of ours, and our estimators are well-versed in the framework required to provide them. In this approach, we are able to meet the evolving demands of the Process & Power sector. Our estimates include a wide range of topics, from individual manufacturing machines to whole facilities’ worth of work. In the past, we have provided industrial estimating services for a wide range of projects. Pipeline, cogeneration, power, oil and gas, and chemical production facilities are all examples of the kind of projects that fall under this category.

Engineering Cost Analysis

Our group is comprised of seasoned professionals. Our staff has extensive expertise in estimating and performing quantity takeoffs for civil construction projects. Thus, we have previously helped plan and estimate takeoffs for major civil works. We’ve helped clients get bids and estimate their material prices for various projects. Roadway cost estimates are part of our portfolio.

Public Sector Construction Cost Estimating Services

In addition, Prime Estimation has the knowledge and experience to provide accurate Construction Estimating Services for government projects. Contractors, developers, architects, and engineers are just some of the people in this industry that may benefit from our expertise. In order to provide accurate estimates, our estimators must be familiar with a wide range of technical drawings, plans, specs, contract languages, and public sector jargon. Also, our estimates provide in-depth knowledge, along with itemized line item explanations and CSI classifications for every trade.


We provide Turnkey Solutions to All Construction estimation needs! Hire Us to Get Full Service!

Who We Serve?

Our Construction Estimating Services are large in number and serve lots of professionals. Get to know who we serve mainly.

Commercial Builders

Have you gotten a lowball estimate from the adjuster? Are you unfamiliar with the insurance claims process and unsure of your starting price range? Don’t have the resources to invest in learning the intricate estimate software used by the industry’s leading restoration and insurance firms? Let us lend a hand. Our experienced estimating services team will offer you an accurate Xactimate or Symbility repair quote based on current labor, material, and equipment pricing in your location for almost any repair trade, with an eye for details that are sometimes missed by adjusters.

Using its broad knowledge of sub-contractor pricing, we can provide general contractors with objective pricing for any trade they subcontract out. So, all business dealings may be anchored on the solid ground we help provide with our estimate service.


The advent of complex engineering has spawned both challenging and novel endeavors. Engineering has complicated the bidding process for everything from the skyscrapers that dot the skyline to the three-section deep sub-basements that run into rock, water, and other underground components. Engineering has had to spend a lot on excavation support. Even more so than whalers, rakers, lagging, and bracing, the expenditures associated with a caisson and pile drive have increased building prices significantly.

A decade ago, high-rises were built quite differently from how they are now. We can now soar hundreds of feet into the air, thanks to the high psi structural concrete skyscrapers. Great structures may be erected because of the availability of concrete and reinforcing rebar. Before final drawings are drawn out, and bids are solicited, these projects may be costed and modified (value engineered) to fit the owner’s budget.


As property owners, we need to have faith in an objective cost estimate that accurately reflects the scope and scale of a building project. General contractors set prices for jobs based on their own financial motivations. Our Construction Estimating Services is available to act as a trusted, objective consultant for the cost of your project. Also, with the help of a basic, early budget, you can make informed decisions about whether to press ahead with your building plans or take a step back to consider further, previously unconsidered cost reductions. Because of our status as a professional estimating business, many financial institutions may use our estimates as collateral for construction financing.


Poor planning, delayed payments, and overly optimistic customer expectations have all caused problems for certain clients over the years. We have, unfortunately, heard it all before. Many court cases have retained us as trained expert witnesses to explain estimation and building costs. If you, as a building owner or contractor, find yourself in a sticky legal situation, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options. We work with insurance adjusters to assess property damage after natural disasters and may assist with developing estimates where necessary, in addition to providing expert witness services. Also, we have a staff of researchers and office helpers who can find data that might be useful to your case.


From here, we set off on our adventure. Families of hard workers who were sick of staying up late to get their jobs done. But we are able to present our customers with detailed estimates that account for the time, money, and effort required for each individual subcontractor trade by doing daytime estimates of the projects, asking the appropriate questions, and answering those questions honestly. With this data in hand, we can provide the customer with a more accurate estimate of their insurance premiums, as well as their profit and fixed expenses. So, our subcontractors are now able to more accurately estimate their costs. Also, we have won many more bids than we have lost.


Want to spend more time out in the field assessing losses and damage? Is the volume of pending claims preventing you from making timely estimates? A remote estimating tool, such as Xactimate or Symbility, is required. In order to assist you in meeting the estimating requirements of the carrier you’re working for, we’ll transform your Scope Sheets into Xactimate or Symbility estimates and provide you with the corresponding ESX files.


Our company’s cost estimates have proven invaluable to regional and national businesses that depend on general contractors’ bids based on square-foot pricing. Overdesign and unrealistic budgets are the results of this kind of bidding. But using our system, architects may see accurate sub-contractor charges on a per-trade basis. Setting budgets at the 25%, 50%, and 75% levels allows architects to assess whether they are on track with their spending before the designs are finalized.


We provide Turnkey Solutions to All Your Construction estimation needs! Hire Us to Get Full Service!
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Get a clear and accurate estimate for your construction project with our professional general construction estimating services. Schedule a consultation and let our experts handle all the calculations and cost estimates for you, ensuring your project stays on budget and on track.

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Ensure the success of your roofing project by using our professional roofing estimating services. Our experienced estimators provide accurate and reliable cost estimates for all types of roofing projects.

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Get a comprehensive and accurate estimate for your finishes project with our professional finishes estimating services. From flooring to lighting, we handle all aspects of your finishes estimate with the highest level of care and professionalism.

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When creating any drywall takeoff or building estimates, errors can be prohibitively expensive. Making your own drywall takeoffs may be a very time-consuming operation. Take hold of your time and hire our expert estimators right away for a seamless start.

We provide a range of concrete products, including concrete pavements, driveways, blocks, and concrete pavement estimation services. It is our goal to provide accurate and detailed cost estimates for a project, helping to ensure that it stays within budget.

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Our MEP services will give you a leg up in all of your bids. We promise that you will not go crazy with your spending. Our expert team can help you determine the total cost of the project and get off to a good start before you even break ground.

Mechanical Estimating Services

It might be difficult to clear the project size, layout, and other factors. Gain the satisfaction of your customer with exact and thorough project estimating. To win your next bid, challenge our team of seasoned estimators.

Electrical Estimation Services

Our team of electrical estimators contributes to total cost estimates and estimates of the number of hours of work needed to complete a project promptly. Make use of our aid to get off to a good start. With the aid of our estimators, you can be certain that your estimates are precise and timely.

Plumbing Estimating Services

The process of estimating is one of the most challenging aspects of doing business. The main challenge is being precise in all bids. Plumbing estimating services are essential in the building industry since they help to maintain a manageable budget. You shouldn’t try to do too much, so let our experienced estimators handle the numbers for you.

painting estimation service image

In order to provide an accurate quote for your painting job, our estimator will need certain details for a detailed cost breakdown that takes into account LOCAL PRICING for your specific area. Use our expert estimators to get things rolling.

Masonry Estimation Services image

The number of bricks that are broken and the amount of plaster that is wasted are also factors that must be considered. Hiring professional masonry estimate services is usually a good idea if you want to get lucrative projects.

Metals Estimation Services image

It is important for construction projects to have accurate steel cost estimates since this will provide a comprehensive view of the total steel expenses involved. In this way, contractors may see whether their proposals are in the neighborhood of what is required in terms of predicted metal demands and exact steel takeoff.

Let’s Get Offer

Considerable Insights from Our Raw Materials

Prime Estimation is an established system for doing quantity and material takeoff. All materials, labor, and man-hours are accounted for in our takeoffs. We estimate material and labor costs more correctly than other construction estimators because of our extensive expertise in building projects. Also, we give reasonably priced takeoffs using regional prices of materials depending on your postal code.

Our professionals specialize in takeoffs of every kind. They include drywall takeoffs, Earthwork takeoffs, concrete takeoffs, roof takeoffs, damp-proof takeoffs, lumber takeoffs, mechanical takeoffs, Plumbing takeoffs, electrical takeoffs, plumbing takeoffs, waterproof takeoffs, and others. Also, our list contains landscaping, structural steel, site work, doors, Firestop, painting, fireproofing and windows, irrigation takeoffs, and more. We give construction cost estimates in a number of forms. They include CSI by item code in client-provided designs and templates.

A Construction Cost Analysis from Our Team

Prime Estimation is an expert-run site that offers cost estimation help for construction projects. Also, this site is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate resources possible. We know how important it is to get a professional construction cost estimator’s take on how much it will cost to construct your house. As a result, whether you need anything built from scratch or remodeled, renovated, or improved, we’re here to help. Also, we can provide you with precise phase-by-phase cost estimates and material takeoffs. From initial conceptualization through the finalization of construction documents, we provide comprehensive estimating and Material takeoff services.

Modern tools like Plan Swift allow us to effortlessly import designs for on-screen takeoff. Also, we make full use of this capability. So, it allows us to quickly and accurately measure a variety of amounts with only a few mouse clicks. Also, our in-house Construction Cost estimators are well-versed in cutting-edge methods and equipment. As a result, they are used in conjunction with them to provide accurate cost estimates for construction. Thus, we work with many contractors to provide them with Building estimation services for their individual building projects.

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We help our customers out in several ways, one of which is by giving them leads on potential projects to work on. Also, to do this, we use the services of bidding networks and seek advice from experts in the field of bidding. We’ve signed up with some very big names in the industry for our estimation services


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Estimators in Our Building Team

We pride ourselves on our staff of professional building estimators. In all, the team has many years of industry experience. So, the estimators, engineers, specialists, and foremen that make up our team are the best in the business. They provide architects and engineers with pinpoint precision and time savings. They are a key factor in establishing the final price of a structure (commercial, residential). To name only a few of their duties:

  1. Estimation and takeoff of materials.
  2. Doing the markup plans.
  3. Maintaining customer profiles on the bidding network and submitting bids.
  4. Making sure owners and lenders are comfortable with budget reports.
  5. A detailed estimate for subcontractors is prepared along with the bid proposals.
  6. Construction Cost Estimating for the building and engineering industries.
  7. Making initial cost estimates for the builders.
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The first step to leverage our premium services is to submit your proposals, blueprints, or relevant data like drawings. So, our professionals can assess your drawings.


The estimated figures often cause the builders to distress throughout the construction process since they are ignorant of financial limits.


Our experts will work on your blueprints and the initial data provided. After a thorough analysis of information, they will deliver accurate estimations.



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Is There Some Way We Can Analyze a Sample of Your Estimates?

Yes, you may check our approximated samples on every single service page of our website. For various customers, we have completed a number of estimate projects. Contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, homeowners, painters, drywallers, and framers are just a few of the industries we serve.

How precise are your projections, exactly?

Unlike other companies, we base our estimates on the actual zip code of your job, ensuring that you get fair and reasonable pricing. Each of our price estimates is meant to serve as a starting point for you to negotiate a final price using the Excel Spreadsheet we provide. So, you may manually override any of our anticipated prices by modifying Supervision, Equipment, and Profit.

Our prices for labor and materials are taken from the often-updated Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database. Our estimators are seasoned construction pros who account for variables like productivity, equipment upgrades, and other site-specific considerations when creating estimates. If a wall is 20 feet high, for instance, we’ll have to factor in a lift and reduce productivity to account for the increased cost of labor.

For a typical construction job, how much do you charge each hour?

Our pricing is done on a per-project basis, and we do not deal with projects on a time-based basis. For a variety of busy contractors that need “on-demand” quotes, our professionals provide them. Further, our contractor’s quote is predicated on a few jobs in a month. To help you save money on your construction project and finish it on time, we provide competitive and dependable rates.

I think The term “estimating service” doesn’t quite seem to fit.

Construction Estimating Services are used by general contractors who employ subcontractors, by house builders who engage subcontractors, and by designers who collaborate with architects. Interior designers working with architects often make use of construction takeoffs.

What Exactly Is the Program We Use?

Prime Estimation is an efficient and accurate platform that utilizes a variety of estimating tools to provide precise and economic output. The following programs are used to calculate the cost of labor and materials.

  1. Plan Swift.
  2. Quest Estimating.
  3. Blue beam.
  4. RS Means.
  5. Fast DUCT.
  6. Fast PIPE.
  7. Trimble.
  8. IMHS Marks Systems.
Can you list the five tenets of estimation?

Forecasting how much money and other resources will be required to finish a project within a certain time frame is called “cost estimate” in the field of project management. All of the resources needed to complete the project are included in the final cost estimate. It sets financial limits for the undertaking.

  • Schedules for tenders.
  • Criteria that are not based on price and criteria that are based on price.
  • There are two types of pricing: direct and indirect.
  • Benchmarking, First Principles, and Second Principles are three methodologies used for estimating (rating).
  • Planned Expenditures.
Can You Provide an Estimate If Inaccurate Drawings Are Possible?

We are efficient enough to pitch in at the preliminary phases of planning and design. So this is definitely doable. Clients that have merely a concept for a team are the focus of our preliminary estimation services. To help you plan correctly, we provide building cost estimates.

Ability to make an educated guess is what we call “estimating abilities.”

Key abilities for estimators include the following.

  1. Numeracy.
  2. Paying close attention to specifics.
  3. Taking your job in a systematic manner. Awareness of the business world.
  4. Skills in working in a team, fostering positive relationships, and persuasion.
How long do you anticipate the delivery process to take?

We anticipate a delivery time of between 24 and 48 hours. The answer to this question is determined by the scope of the building endeavor. At the same time, most building jobs may be completed in two to four days. Also, we’re able to handle a wide variety of jobs, even those with tight deadlines. So, simply let us know when you plan to submit your bid, and our expert estimators will be ready to help. In order to make things flow more smoothly, a small expedite fee is charged. In addition, your shipment will arrive promptly and on the promised date.

So, what exactly does a good estimator have?

It takes expertise, precision, hard work, and analytical thinking to be a reliable cost estimator in the construction industry. They need to be able to tackle each task with confidence in their estimations, and they should always be on the lookout for ways to improve. So, anyone looking to hire an estimator should be well-versed in these traits.

How does one go about making an estimate?

An estimate is a number that may be used for some purpose despite the fact that the input data may be partial, ambiguous, or unstable. Thus, this is what estimation (or estimating) is all about. In any case, the figure is practical since it is based on the most accurate data currently accessible.

So, What If I Don’t Have Detailed Plans for My Building Project?

Prime Estimation can be relied upon to handle any situation that may arise when assisting customers. We can confidently estimate the price of your project thanks to the hard work of our professional estimators. They have to depend on the measurements and sketches you provide.

To what end is it often estimated?

We can better plan for a project by estimating the amount of time, effort, resources, and money that will be needed to complete it. So, hiring us for Construction Estimating Services is the right decision.

What Species of Buildings Do You Estimate?

In terms of estimates for the construction industry, we are experts in every field. Business, homes, and factories are the basic categories here. Also, we provide estimating services for new and renovated building projects.

Where does an Estimator fit in?
  • Recognizing the needs of one’s clientele.
  • Cost analysis of resources, tools, and manpower.
  • Collecting price estimates from vendors and freelancers.
  • Determining how dangerous a given project actually is.
  • Software package analysis of business data, currency rates, and prices.
Prime Estimation: Why It’s the Best Choice for Your Company
  • Perhaps you need help with project estimating, or you want to increase the size of your estimating staff during peak periods of work. Perhaps you feel stuck in your current endeavors and need a fresh viewpoint. Prime Estimation is the best option for your company if you know that bidding on new projects is crucial, but you just don’t have the time to do it.

    Competition is high in today’s uncertain economic climate. To ensure a steady stream of employment, you should be submitting bids often. Also, this calls for a lot of hard work and a reliable employee or business associate.

    Prime Estimation uses a wide range of tried-and-true pricing models and data sources in our calculations. So, using the most up-to-date RSMeans building standards for open shops or union contractors, we are able to provide flexible pricing across regions.

    Prime Estimation has many more advantages that make it worth your while to use it.

    1. We will no longer ignore proposals because we are too busy.
    2. Chances will no longer be lost.
    3. Saving on overhead expenditures and improving your bid volume.
    4. This includes increasing the number of bids received and the number of contracts won.
    5. Improving your estimating efficiency by leveraging our specialists to help your team.
    6. Maximizing productivity while minimizing expenses to maximize profits.
    7. Having an advantage over the competition thanks to our seasoned estimators.
    8. Saving money and reducing expenses.
We specialize in providing construction estimates.

For many, many years, we have been helping builders out with cost estimates. Prime Estimation is happy with its reputation as a reliable estimating solution for construction companies.

In order to adapt to the ever-shifting requirements of the Process & Power business, our Estimating experts are well-versed in the methodical approach to providing accurate industrial estimating. Over the course of a project’s full lifecycle, from conception to completion, we’ve shown expertise in evaluating a wide range of cost estimates, from individual manufacturing plant components to elaborate procedures.

We have experienced professionals for your building projects, including construction estimators, material takeoff experts, draughtsmen, and project managers. So, what are you waiting for? The services you need are right here, at Prime Estimation.

Up to 60% savings compared to using an in-house estimate, making our electrical takeoff services the most cost-effective available. So, call our Construction Estimating Services now and win more bids.

*Mandatory: First, fill all the required fields then upload your files.

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