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masonry estimating services

How much more work do you need to bid on? Have more work than you can bid on at the moment? In urgent need of a turnkey bid? Can’t take a trip but really want to? Looking for a job that calls for a BIM model? Consider doing a quantity check before submitting bids on that major project. Looking for a skilled estimator without the agency fees? Do you wish you had a 3D model of every structure you had to value? If you’re in need of masonry estimates and you responded “yes” to any of the above questions, you should contact us. We offer one of the best masonry estimating services in your area.

With our help, you won’t have to settle with “ball-parked” estimates anymore. Also, your bids will be more accurate. Cost estimates for both materials and labor may be calculated using standard regional norms for both inputs. Templates for cost estimates and custom-made spreadsheets are offered. But it is possible only if you hire Prime Estimation. We acquire drawings and specs that we call “Syndicated Takeoffs.” It is possible to launch into other trades as well. The takeoff estimate is determined by the specifics of each project. If there is any work that goes above and beyond the scope of a standard masonry takeoff, you can get additional services from us.

When it comes to masonry work, nobody does it better than us. We provide comprehensive estimate services, meeting the needs of our customers in every possible way.

Just how comprehensive are our masonry estimating services?

Prime Estimation provides just the perfect comprehensive masonry estimation services. We have experience with projects of all shapes and sizes. We provide complete masonry takeoff services for anybody in the masonry, from residential masonry builders to those in the commercial and industrial sectors. Thus, several international builders have relied on us for accurate masonry cost estimates. Also, we provide masonry estimations and takeoffs for things like columns, roads, house facades, combustion chambers, floors, chimneys, fireplaces, walls, patios, and so on.

Masonry Takeoff Services are another service we provide to both public and private organizations. Also, we are happy to do masonry jobs of any size or kind.

Let’s take a quick look back at some of the most important aspects of the masonry profession that we worked on:

  • Masonry Maintenance.
  • Extreme Drylok.
  • Use of Reinforced Masonry
  • A retaining wall made of stone.
  • Waterproofing of Bricks.
  • Making Walls Out of Bricks.
  • Repointing of Bricks.
  • Brick Buildings.
  • Caulk for use with brick and stonework.
  • Building a Hearth
  • The Repair of Masonry.
  • Concrete masonry.
  • Brick Masonry.
  • Color Options for Brick Stains.
  • A Stucco Finish on Brick Wall.
  • Trowels for use in the craft of stonemasonry.
  • Bricks and mortar.
  • Cement for Masonry.
  • Tuck Point Brick is our official brick.
  • Bricks made by Oldcastle.
  • Brick House.
  • Chisels for stonework.
  • A fireplace made of brick or stone.
  • Isokern Stove.
  • The use of Brick Ties.
  • Masonry with bricks.
  • CMU Wall.
  • Masonry Wall.
  • Craftsman of Stone.
  • Dibara Masonry.
  • Extreme Ugl Drylok.

Can You Tell Me About The Varieties Of Masonry Cost Prediction Services?

Thanks to our extensive expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, we have consistently provided our customers with thorough and quick quotes for masonry projects. Professionals in these fields include masons, general contractors, masonry repair contractors, designers, vendors, developers, masonry contractors, architects, and house builders.

The nature of our services is tailored to each individual’s requirements. In general, our outputs consist of the following:

  • This is an EXCEL spreadsheet.
  • Animations of three-dimensional walls.
  • Cost of both time and supplies.
  • Worker Time.
  • Get your plans in a variety of coolers.
  • We will examine the supplementary materials too.
  • Quantity Takeoffs for Masonry Projects.
  • Price Quotes for the Design.
  • The Budget Projection.
  • Paints.
  • Preliminary Quotes.
  • Putting together a bid submission.
  • Making a Proposal.
  • Qualified Witness.

More Services Than Just Masonry Estimates Are Available From Us.

Prime Estimation is a one-stop shop for all your masonry needs, providing accurate and thorough takeoff and estimating services. So, to ensure that you get the most out of your project, we provide a wide range of additional services that fall under the umbrella of “masonry estimations.” Also, we can give you a detailed estimate because of the knowledge and skill of our staff. We will learn about your requirements and work with you to create a strategy that fits within your financial and time constraints.

In the realm of masonry, we provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Quantity Takeoffs for Masonry Projects.
  • Price Quotes for the Design.
  • The Budget Projection.
  • Create bids and cost estimates.
  • Preliminary Quotes.
  • Lead Generation Project
  • Change Order Cost Projection.

How Do We Determine Costs for Masonry Projects?

A comprehensive review of the undertaking

We give careful consideration to all of the details you provide in your submitted proposals. Our material takeoff estimators conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Also, the project scope and difficulty are established by us.

A takeoff of Digital Masonry

In order to quantify the substance, we use state-of-the-art computer tools. Our estimators do the digital takeoffs using a point-and-click interface. It reduces the odds of making mistakes. Therefore, more precision in material takeoffs

Spreadsheet of Materials

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is loaded with all the material amounts, which are then broken down into their respective primary and subcategories. Also, the right location-based price is calculated using RS methods and a current database.

Expert estimating from a master masonry

Finally, our head estimators execute quality control checks to ensure no mistakes were made throughout the material takeoff process. Also, following an automated quality assurance check, we ship out orders to our clients.

Quantity takeoffs, design and budget estimates, bid assistance, restoration and advice, and bid aid are just some of the masonry estimating services we provide.

All of our masonry estimates are made using Microsoft Excel as the main tool. But we use other formats too. Thus, send us your file with your cost codes and material codes through email.

How Do We Generate Masonry Cost Estimates?

We will update your spreadsheet with the approximate amounts we calculated. Either put the spreadsheet into your cost-estimating software or submit the materials list to your suppliers to acquire quotes.

In addition, we may use the unit pricing for labor and materials that you provide.

  • Each and every one of the masonry blocks that went into making the basement’s retaining wall.
  • Openings (doors, windows, vents) are taken into account and reduced accordingly.
  • If necessary, please specify the quantity of facing bricks and masonry veneer, stone veneer, or brick veneer.
  • Masonry structures fall into many types. Facings, backings, walls, partitions, furring, and fire barriers are all specifically named.
  • The quantity of mortar that will be needed. Whether mortar is pre-blended or mixed on-site, how much water is used, the temperature and humidity of the work site, and other factors all have a role. The mortar used is also a factor. Mortar made of masonry cement, pre-blended mortar, and Portland cement lime mortar are all examples.
  • We know how much grout will be needed to fill the joints between the concrete blocks.
  • Provide additional masonry support as necessary.
  • Also, our Masonry Estimator will perform Scaffolding if your project needs it.
  • Other auxiliary components such as anchor bolts, sleeves, brackets, brick ties, etc.
  • Weep holes, masonry insulation, and masonry flashing, if necessary; material, equipment, and labor costs are calculated using RSMeans and our construction cost database, which is based on zip code.
  • Expenses for things like transportation, taxes, permits, and, if necessary, repair and cleaning, as well as an estimate of the number of man-hours and labor costs involved in each activity, etc.
  • Unpredictable expenses, inflation, and other factors are included in the calculation of the contingency reserve.
“Ensure your masonry project is completed to the highest standards and within budget by using our professional masonry estimation services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our experts handle the material calculations and labor estimates for you.


How can we improve contractors' bid success?

Our group of engineers, cost analysts, and financial experts are second to none. In order to increase the number of bids contractors get, they do a thorough evaluation of the market and adjust rates accordingly. Our staff members operating locally collect current market data and compare it to RSMeans latest pricing to ensure accuracy. So, customers may utilize them to find the best possible deal by entering their postal code.

Can I get a sample of what you're selling?

Before we get started, we may provide you with free examples of our past estimates. Therefore, if you need more details, check out our samples page or shoot us an email.

We provide masonry estimating services for the same reasons that concrete and masonry contractors use our services.

Many contractors come to us for fast and precise production of bids in all concrete and masonry jobs in order to underbid and tighten up on the competition.

Why Should You Choose Us When You Need Masonry Cost Estimating Services?

We’re confident in saying that throughout a range of estimating services, we’re the greatest option for our clients. Also, our company is well-known for its excellence in the following service areas.

  • You won’t have to spend as much time putting together the estimates. That time is better spent expanding your company.
  • Highly detailed and accurate cost estimates, as well as marked-up construction drawings.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your estimates are thorough and accurate because they were compiled by specialists.
  • Typically, turnaround times range from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Cost-beneficial estimates.
  • Help with creating bid profiles for contractors and submitting bids is provided.
  • Also, we provide support around the clock.
How can we make predictions in masonry buildings?

Our comprehensive database includes precise measurements and descriptions of every kind of concrete block, brick, stone, architectural precast, tile, and marble used in the masonry industry. Also, knockouts, sand, ordinary block, bond beam, headers, round column blocks, lintel blocks, square pilasters, mortar, angle blocks, and sill blocks are all available for Block masons to use.

Offering countrywide estimation services for masonry contractors to improve their competitiveness in bids and grow their business. Also, modern estimation techniques and in-house developed spreadsheet models are used. So, detailed inventories of materials and project costs are at your disposal. Mason contractors also get masonry in software and cost estimation fundamentals.

Eliminate the need for humans to key in data anymore. Our online tools for estimating provide real-time tracking that makes the process much more efficient. So, call us now and get the masonry estimating services you need.

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