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Electrify Your Construction Budgeting: Expert Electrical Estimating Service

Electrical Estimation Services – Beneficial For Busy Contractors

electrical estimating services

Every electrical contractor has their own set of skills, knowledge, and priorities that are shaped by the specifics of their location. Competent and lucrative estimating services, however, are something that every industry needs. Electrical estimating services are here at Prime Estimation to assist you in doing so. Our company’s exclusive focus is on providing estimates. It’s our passion and our specialty.

The number of possible contexts in which we may be helpful is substantial. We can take on all of your estimating needs so that you can devote your time and energy elsewhere in your business. To put it another way, if you already have a great estimating staff, but they periodically find themselves swamped, we can help you out temporarily by expanding their capacity as required. Let us handle the bidding process for you if you have a young estimating team and are unsure about submitting bids with them. We’ll follow your team’s lead to complete the task at hand. You may count on us to competently fulfill whatever function you give us.

Which Kinds Of Electrical Estimating Services do We Offer?

Among the many services we provide are the following:

Estimating Power Flow

If your business deals with electrical distribution, we can help you with power distribution estimation for low, medium, and high-voltage systems. Some of these components include substations, transformers, cables and conduits, panels, lights, electrical controls and instrumentation, and motor controls.

Predicting Electrical Demand in Homes

Estimating services for electrical work in homes is one of the many areas in which we excel.

Among the types of dwellings that might fall under this category are multi-family complexes, green single-family homes, high-tech townhomes, and even simple apartment buildings. Systems like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, automation, electricity, lighting, controls, security, networking, and so on all need to be estimated. Estimating electricity costs for the house is done using a variety of building management techniques.

Our team provides accurate cost estimates for all home electrical components, including:

  1. The automation of a building’s systems.
  2. Energy harvesting solar panels.
  3. Lighting.
  4. This includes communication and network infrastructure.
  5. Recreational technology.
  6. Devices such as doorbells, intercoms, and switches.
  7. Alarm systems for the home.
  8. Heating devices that use electricity

Estimating Instrumentation and Controls

We have the ability to estimate the fabrication, design, and calibration of PLC panels, motion control, pneumatic cabinets, operator consoles, variable speed drives, soft starters, motor controllers, and many more. It is because of our in-house team of specialist estimators.

Price Predictions for Electricity Use in Industry

Being experts in the industry, we have built a solid reputation for providing reliable industrial electrical estimating services for a wide variety of projects, from tiny processing plants to massive manufacturing complexes. We dismantle and reassemble a wide range of instruments and controls, PLC systems, motion controls, automation and robotics, fully integrated systems, etc.

As a company, we primarily provide our services to the following manufacturing infrastructures:

  • This includes systems for automating factories.
  • Software and logic-based control systems.
  • Transport Methods.
  • Power grids and transmission lines.
  • Hardware and software for measuring and reporting temperature.
  • Wind power.
  • Using energy from the sun.
  • Thermal energy generated by the earth is known as a geothermal system.
  • Safety and rescue equipment.
  • There are emergency power supplies available.
  • Power semiconductors with resetting diodes.
  • Anti-Noise Polymers.
  • Resistors.
  • Fire Extinguishers, Safety Switches, and Fuses.
  • Sensors.
  • Enclosures.
  • Resources for Providing Energy.
  • Wires and Plugs
  • Thyristors.
  • Arrays of diodes.
  • Diodes.
  • Accessories for Fuses and Fuses Blocks.
  • Safety Switches and Controls.
  • Transistors.

Cost Prediction for Commercial Electricity Systems

To give you an idea of the breadth of our knowledge, our commercial electrical estimating services encompass everything from walk-in freezers and temperature controls to power distribution, lighting controls, security, and emergency systems, networking, and more. The estimates might be as simple as for electrical wiring in a small shop or as detailed as for full-scale automation in a large commercial building. As electrical estimating is one the major MEP estimating services that’s why can’t skip the importance of it.

Our commercial electrical estimating team provides takeoff for systems including but not limited to:

  • Equipment for commercial use, such as walk-in refrigerators and freezers.
  • Back-up power sources are often known as “standby” systems.
  • Alarm and emergency notification systems.
  • Low voltage distribution networks.
  • Door readers that use technology.
  • Communication cabling is used in the private sector.
  • Installation of HVAC wiring.
  • Adjustable thermostats.
  • Solar energy generation and storage systems.
  • Thermal energy generated by the earth is known as a geothermal system.
  • Systems that generate electricity from the sun.

Inferring Low-Voltage Conditions

Estimating for all low-voltage systems is also within our scope of knowledge. The list goes on and on, but here are some examples. They include the intercom, access controls, doorbells, network & communication, structured cabling, fire protection, intrusion detection, security sensors, thermostats, and so on.

Our team of experienced and trained estimators can give you an estimate for any of the following low-voltage systems.

  • The emphasis is on sound and picture quality.
  •  Thermostats.
  • The Network Info.
  • Clocks that don’t rely on wires.
  •  Telephone.
  • Medic Alert
  • Smoke and fire detectors.
  • Lighting for Outdoor Spaces.
  • Equipment for opening garage doors.
  • Security Locks.
  • Wireless Networking and Structured Cabling
  • Fire Extinguishers.

What Do Our Electrical Takeoff Sheets Consist Of?

The Electrical Estimators at our company have deep insight into how efficient electricians and contractors may be. Accurately ordering and installing the various parts, such as electrical systems, need thorough cost estimates. Our electrical estimators will provide accurate quotes that account for every possible expense, even some that may not be immediately obvious. As a result, you’ll be able to more accurately determine your desired profit margins.

In our Electrical Cost Estimator, we break down several takeoffs into distinct categories, each with a detailed line-item explanation of the various kinds and sizes, as well as color-coded designs for your convenience. Electrical takeoff sheets include the following sections, which we provide:

  1.  Conductors.
  2. EMT accouterments.
  3. Electrical lighting.
  4. Light switches.
  5.  Grounding.
  6.  Conductors.
  7.  Plates.
  8.  Switches.
  9. Including, but not limited to, Panels and Circuit Breakers.
  10.  Fuses.
  11.  Receptacles.
  12.  Switches.
  13. Cable Tray.
  14.  Switches.
  15.  Switchboards.
  16. Tools for the limbs.
  17. Low-voltage electronics and other related gadgets.
  18.  Feeders.
  19.  Conduits.

Get Customizable Electrical Takeoff Services - Any Scale, Any Variety, Any Location

Due to our extensive experience in the MEP sector, we are confident in saying that our electrical estimating firm is equipped to deal with projects of any size and scope. Our clients come from a wide range of industries. They include residential, commercial, industrial, military, retail, government, institutional, marine, real estate, and more.

Also, we’ve helped a lot of electrical business owners by providing them with fast, accurate estimates thanks to our familiarity with every module and our command of the planning process. Positive reviews and comments from patrons are evidence of the excellent quality and precision of our services. Don’t tarry any longer; contact us right now to talk about your company’s long-term goals.


What is it that electricians perform as estimators?

When it comes to providing electrical estimates, an electrical estimator works closely with senior estimating professionals. As part of the bidding process, they compile and evaluate bids from suppliers and subcontractors to determine the final bid package cost and qualification.

Why do electricians need to do cost estimates and budgets?

This pricing serves a variety of reasons. Some examples include the pro forma for budgeting, the computations, the pricing lists, and the tender document drafting. Additionally, there are electronic point methods, fixed pricing methods, opportunities, and benefits, as well as net price lists, overhead expenses, market research, salaries, and more. Include things like shopping carts, questions, comparative reports, delivery order forms, invoice settlements, and more.

How can you get electrical cost estimation services from us?

Send us an email with the plans, specs, and contact info for any wholesale suppliers, as well as any residential, commercial, or industrial projects you want to work on. This is necessary only if you set your own prices, however. We’ll take a look at the specifics of the job and get back to you with a quotation and estimated completion date.

We will issue an invoice for the whole amount due after the customer has approved the quotation. To ensure that our customers are completely happy, we will not spare any effort.

When estimating electrical work, how do you go about it?

How can we calculate a home’s wiring and electrical needs?

  • Select suitable employment first.
  • Double-check the details.
  • Look through the blueprints.
  • Do a materials takeoff.
  • To determine the price of labor.
  • Make a price tag tally.
  • Check factors in business expenses and earnings.
  • Create a proposal.
  • Verify your calculations again.
What exactly falls within the bounds of our electrical estimating services?

Takeoffs of materials and labor, as well as manhours, will be included in the estimate you get for the item in question, including but not limited to system and motor feeders with the equipment, power, controls, and instrumentation. Also, we count every single light, conduit, wire, switch, and outlet.

In electrical engineering, what characteristics make a good estimator?

We have compiled a list of qualities that we believe are crucial for an electrical estimator:

  1. A keen eye for details.
  2. Extreme concentration skills.
  3. An exceptional aptitude for numbers.
  4. Self-assurance while interacting with others.
  5. Well-presented.
  6. Capacity for organizing one’s time effectively.
  7. Skills in leading and directing projects.
  8. IT savvy is a must.
Why Contractors Rely On Us?


We are able to attain the highest possible degree of accuracy because of our meticulousness and our mastery of cutting-edge electrical estimating software. In addition, we keep a precise database that allows for current and zip-code-based pricing.

Quick Shipping

Quotes from electrical estimators are guaranteed to be sent as quickly as possible, usually between 24 and 48 hours. The reason for this is that we have been conducting electrical estimates for so long that we have created tried-and-true methods for getting the job done quickly and accurately.


Our large team of estimators allows us to provide cheap pricing for our services while yet exceeding your expectations. It’s best to submit bids for as many projects as possible. When compared to hiring an estimate full-time, you may save as much as 60% by working with us.

Superior Assistance To Customers

Send us an email or start a live chat with one of our representatives at any time of day or night. During business hours, you may reach us by phone.

Competent Electrical Cost Predictors

As an electrical estimating firm, we are able to give you the most accurate electrical estimates, giving you a leg up in the bidding process and allowing you to focus on the work that will bring you the greatest success.


We assure you that your estimate will never be shared with any other contractors and that your privacy will always be protected.

As you can see, if we are given the opportunity to operate in the background, we can easily maintain the confidentiality of our estimation service.

You, as the contractor, will need to provide us with any addendums, suppliers with whom you have accounts, and recommended subcontractors as soon as possible. In addition, please let us know if you have any of the necessary specialist equipment, such as trenchers and lifts, and if you will need to hire any. You’ll have to evaluate the project’s scale and determine whether your organization has the manpower and materials to carry it out.

Check out our electrical estimating services for yourself now and see what all the fuss is about. How? With our Expertise, Info, Effort, and Resolve. You WILL have a successful and lucrative business associate.

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